Welcome to Impact America Media. Here at Impact America Media, we are dedicated to sharing the unique stories and experiences of those impacted by organ/tissue donation and transplant. Life before, during and after the donation and  transplant process is not always easy. The donation and transplant journey is filled with times of tears, loss, pain, hope and joy. Throughout my own transplant journey, I have experienced all of these feelings. Yet, it is  through the hard times that I have come to love and appreciate the journey that is organ/tissue donation and transplantation.


Organ/tissue donation and  transplantation has provided me with a unique view of the world that I would not trade for anything else. Through organ transplantation, I have met people with incredible stories of joy, pain, and triumph and in the process  forged lifelong friendships. It is through these experiences that I was inspired to start Impact America Media.

-Wills Porter (Founder of Impact America Media)

Take Joy in your Journey

The donation and transplant journey is full of challenges. This is not a journey for the weak at heart. Likewise, this journey is not meant to be experienced alone. Rather, this journey is meant to be experienced in community. Here at Impact America Media, we believe that your next big peak is just one step away. No matter what, we hope that this platform provides you with hope, encouragement and the strength to push on as you learn to take joy in your journey.




At Impact America Media our mission is to promote engaging conversations about organ/tissue  donation, transplant and organ health.

Our Goals


We exist to inform individuals and communities about the gift of organ/tissue donation and transplant.




We hope to be a platform that inspires individuals to register as organ/tissue donors. We also hope to inspire those in the organ/tissue donation and transplant community to take joy in their journey. 


We hope to empower individuals and communities to make informed decisions about organ health, organ donation and transplant.  ​

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