• Wills Porter

The Challenge Part 1

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

What is your challenge?

The transplant journey is full of challenges. Whether you are a patient or caregiver, chances are that you have faced challenges. Durring the transplant journey, dialysis, treatment, medical appointments, physical side effects of medications and financial strain can all present challenges to both patients and caregivers. Patients and caregivers can also experience mental health related challenges. Regardless of the challenge you are facing, you are not meant to face the challenge alone. What is your challenge?

Who/what do you turn to?

The transplant journey is not meant to be faced alone. The transplant journey is meant to be experienced in community. Throughout the journey doctors, patient care teams, social workers and non-profit organizations can help you. If you have a question about the medications you take and potential contraindications, you can ask your doctor. Patient care teams can help with everything from nutrition and overall wellbeing to helping address mental health challenges. Social workers can help you navigate insurance, housing and any other barrier you as a patient or caregiver may face. Meanwhile, non-profit organizations can provide services outside of the hospital setting. These services may include housing assistance and patient advocacy. If you ever stayed at a Ronald McDonald House, you have a non-profit organization to thank. Of course, let’s not forget the caregivers and family members. While you as a patient or caregiver can turn to many people durring your journey, you can turn to other things in this world to help you. These things may include exercise, healthy eating habits, counseling services, financial assistance programs or your local place of worship. Who or what do you turn to?

Regardless of the challenges you are facing, you don’t have to face them alone. If you are a patient reach out to other patients. If you are a caregiver, get to know other caregivers. It is in community that you will find strength.

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